This is the most important task to master in your business!
Tim was in the Navy Special Forces and like most of us in the beginning of his Network Marketing career he struggled terribly. However, he did not give up and persevered to become the most successful Network Marketer in the industry earning over $2 million a year. It wasn’t easy of course but defusing bombs underwater was not easy either (he was in the bomb squad) and he made the decision to be successful whatever it took. His no-nonsense attitude (being poor is a good motivator too) and focus helped him correct his mistakes by observing what worked and what did not. He learned from his mistakes and mapped it out for the rest of us to learn from – that is how the Professional Inviting Formula was born. Tim Sales training programs have helped millions of people be successful – training matters.
The most important aspect of your Network Marketing Business is how well you learn the “Inviting Formula”! This formula alone will make you a Fortune!

Tim Sales’ Inviting Formula:

Step 1 - Greet
The purpose of Greeting is to get your prospect willing to talk freely and openly to you.
Step 2 - Qualify
The purpose of Qualifying is to find out what the prospect needs, wants and doesn't want as it pertains to your business.
Step 3 - Invite
The purpose of Inviting is to ask your prospect to review information that can help them achieve what they've stated they need, want, or don’t want from the qualify section.
Step 4 - Handle Questions and/or Objections
The purpose of Handling Questions and Objections is to get the prospect beyond the questions and/or objections which are apparently stopping them from attaining what they've stated they need, want or don’t want.

Step 5 - Close to Action
The purpose of the Close to action step is to conclude or complete what is currently being said or done and then start putting your prospect’s needs, wants, don’t wants into existence.
Step 6 - Follow-up or Follow-through
The purpose of the Follow-Up is to re-contact your prospect and move him/her towards what they've stated they need, want or don’t want. The purpose of the Follow-Through is when you prospect indicates readiness to act (join, enroll, sign-up), then you follow-through by delivering all they need to get what they've they need, want or don’t want.
Download this "Inviting Formula" pocket card... 
Tim Sales Inviting Formula CARD

"There is nothing in this world from preventing people from making millions of dollars in the Network Marketing industry, except for training!" ~Tim Sales

10 Communication Qualities

One of the first things I noticed when speaking with Tim is that he is totally present and undistracted – he is an incredible listener (something we husbands can benefit from, eh?). You would think you were the only person on earth when he talks to you. Do you think this talent would help you in your business? Knowing the needs, wants and don’t wants of your prospect and not wanting to sell them something but rather listen intently to see if you can help them is the key.
Look at the 10 Communication Qualities and see if you agree.
  1. Be interested in the prospect
  2. Do not be distracted by anything
  3. Have a sincere, friendly facial expression
  4. Use the correct amount of assertiveness
  5. Communicate easily - no tension, strain, fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating.
  6. Make sure your body doesn't distract the prospect
  7. Tell the truth!
  8. Know what you’re talking about
  9. Communicate at the prospect’s level of understanding.
  10. Have the intention to make the person’s life better.

Invite Your Prospect to What?

So you've greeted someone and qualified them and their interested, SO what do I do now.
EASY, we use the tools...that is how professionals do and is the best way to create duplication. It's consistent and most of all it works!
You can send your prospect a link to view a short ARIIX Presentation at
Then after you follow-up with them the next day and ask the only question that you always ask when following up..."What did you like best about the video you watched?"
This is the single best question you can ever ask. It tell you immediately if they looked at your video. It also does not allow them to tell a little white lie to you. If they did not they single ask them again. When would you have time to review so I can schedule time in my calendar to follow-up with you.
If there interest is high enough then do a 3-way call with your upline leader to help close them into the business.
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