ARIIX--THE Opportunity Company was launched on July 4, 2011 and we have been building strong and continue to do so. Here are a few leaders in ARIIX. 
Lynn Allen-Johnson

Chairperson Level 2​

Rick Billings

CEO Level​

Dr. Terry & Cris Silkman

CEO Level​

Heshie Segal

President Level​

ARIIX is proud to recognize and honor our annual Elite Winners. These individuals displayed a commitment to excellence and dedication that benefited ARIIX, and the clients and customers with whom they serve. Their contributions are proof, once again, of the incredible things that are possible when we Unleash the Human Potential for Good.
ARIIX Enterprise Award Winners
Recognizing the top 10 Representatives worldwide, as well as the top producers in each country, the Enterprise Award honors those who have the largest business enterprise based on commissions earned during the previous calendar year.
Lynn Allen-Johnson - 5th Place 2016

Lynn Allen-Johnson - 5th Place 2015
ARIIX Prosperity Award Winners
Presented to the top 10 Representatives worldwide who go above and beyond while spreading the word about the great prosperity available to ARIIX associates, the Prosperity Award honors those who grew their Matching Bonus at a faster-than-average rate.
Lynn Allen-Johnson - 4th Place - 2015
ARIIX Ambassador Award Winners
The Ambassador Award recognizes the top 10 Representatives in each country relative to total sales volume points of personally sponsored members.
Lynn Allen-Johnson - 9th Place 2016

Lynn Allen-Johnson - Runner-up 2015

Cris & Dr. Terry Silkman - 4th Place 2015

Heshie Segal - 6th Place 2015
ARIIX Salesperson Award Winners for North American & European Union
The top 10 Representatives who excel in total sales volume points of personally sponsored Preferred Customers are honored with the Salesperson Award.
Rick Billings - 1st Place Premier Salesperson Award Winner 2016

Dr. Terry & Cris Silkman - Runner-up Salesperson Award Winner 2016

Rick Billings - 3rd Place Salesperson Award Winner 2015
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