Explore ARIIX Replicated Site

I have developed a replicated site called Explore ARIIX for you to use once you have qualified a prospect. This allows you to send them to a presentation and let them explore more information about ARIIX on your site. This site and it’s for our team only.


In the product section, people can buy directly from your ARIIX shopping cart and you will receive all the credit for this in your ARIIX back office. Under the presentation section, there is a Join Now button which will allow people to enroll online directly in your business.

There is a one-time setup fee for this website. Normally we use your first name. If that is taken we will use your first name and last name initial. If you would like to use something different please put in the comment box below.

In the Marketing Materials section, we have developed some marketing cards. Click Here to Review.


To purchase your own Explore ARIIX site go to http://Signup.ExploreAriix.com

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