Warm & Cold Market Recruiting

There are many ways to build you ARIIX business. The ARIIX BOS is a great learning tool. We have listed some ideas, advertising lines, etc for you to use as needed in building your business.

Here are a few Key Things to Remember…

  1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care… Get to know people first.
  2. Remember that everyone is tuned into WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?). Cater to that.
  3. You must lead by example.  Never ask anyone to do something you are not doing yourself.
  4. Keep it simple.  If people cannot do what you do, you will not have duplication.
  5. Be the messenger, not the message (use tools: Webinars, Conference Calls, 3-Way calls, Your Upline, Sizzle Calls, Websites).
  6. Be emotionally detached to who does and who does not join your business.  Some will, some won’t, some others are waiting.
  7. As Zig Ziglar says… “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will automatically get what you want”.

Ultimately… Your job is to sift and sort in order to find those for whom the timing is right in their lives and are ready, willing, and able to take some ACTION NOW!

Starting A Conversation

______ (first name) Do you leave your options open for a secondary stream of income outside of your job at ______?

I’m working on a business project with a couple of partners and it looks like there is a lot of money at stake. They are expanding in this area and although I can’t promise you anything, I would like to get your opinion on this.

(prospect says)
Can you tell me a little about it?

I’d rather not tell you anything before I can tell you everything — There are some charts and information I would need to show you….but if you are open; I have Tuesday at ____am, or Wednesday at ____pm. Which time would work best for you?

(if prospect can’t make those meetings, tell them)
Well it may not work at this time for you and I will add you to my list so when I’m freed up I will call you again.
(this is said to get your prospect to make a decision, use your judgement)

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