Facebook Prospecting Secrets
  • Your mindset needs to be that you are a professional conversation starter, not a sales person
  • DO NOT have Commission Breath
  • Nothing great happens until you get excited
This is our Private FB Groups:
Here's the Description of the Group
Hello and Welcome to Explore Residual Income!
The purpose of this group is to help people understand the Power of Residual Income and how easy it is to create.
We are individuals who help people live life and make money.
We live in a world where work no longer has to be done in an office or a set location. You no longer have to have a boss looking over your shoulder or worry about how much vacation time you're allowed to have each year. Instead we are all able to create a life of freedom, where we can work from anywhere in the world doing the things that are important for us.
We consider ourselves the new generation of entrepreneurs and we are committed to changing people's lives by empowering them to create freedom, residual income and live a Healthy lifestyle.
This group is for those who want more out of life, for the aspiring entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs alike. We encourage all of our members to introduce themselves and share their story, the benefits they received from the products, or even some motivation that has helped them along the way or guided them here.
We typically post:
- How we build our business
- Motivation and Inspiration
- Our Teams Results
- Lifestyle Videos and pictures from our team
- Results using the products we share with others
We have a lot of members who ask why we do this. We asked each member of our team to post the reason why they joined us. So if you scroll through the group posts, look for those stories.
We're glad for you to be here!
Feel free to post if you have any questions or if you're ready to take control of your life and live it on your terms!
Everyone in the group can Add People, Tag Them and Message (ATM) people that you know or have connected with to be involved in the "Explore Residual Income" group. When you look at the Members area everyone in the group will be able to see who added who.
We do encourage posting but we do have some rules.
Please do not post advertisements. Also, please do not reach out to other members in an attempt to sell them a product or service, unless they have specifically asked you. We can teach you how to properly and respectfully reach out to others and talk about your business. Thank you! :)
​ATM Your Way to 6 Figures (Add, Tag & Message)
  • What if you could leverage the power of Facebook groups to create massive momentum in your business?
  • A well-run Facebook group allows you to leverage the excitement of others (social proof)
  • Your prospect will join your team faster if they experience what it will be like before they join
  • Your existing team will be more successful if they have support available to them 24/7
ATM (Business) Invitation Script
  • Hey, Mary! How are things? (catch up)
  • I found a way to make money using Facebook. OMG, you have to see this...
  • I can add you to a private FB community that you must check out.
  • It's blowing up right now and I'm already experiencing success (share your results and/or your reason WHY)...
  • Your Friend Says, "Sure, Add Me"
  • Add them, tag them in the pinned post and send this message
  • Check this out, Mary...I have connected you as my guest in Explore Residual Income FB community. I tagged you in a couple of videos that explain more about the compensation plan, the system to build your entire business from Facebook and the result people are having.
  • 3-Way Facebook Message Script used when people show an interest after watching the videos - Hey, Mary! I'm glad you liked what you saw! I'm working with some pretty incredible people.
  • I want to introduce you to a couple of them so you can hear their story and they can help answer some of your questions since I'm pretty new...hang on. I will set it up now. 😉
  • Continued... Hey, Lisa (your upline)! This is Mary. She is a great friend on mine. Right now she is running a daycare business and is looking to potentially start a business leveraging Facebook.
  • Example: Hey, Mary! Meet Lisa! She is very knowledgeable about _______ business and is a perfect person to answer your questions.
  • Example: She's built a multi-million dollar organization here. She is married with a few kids and she is...(edifying)
John & Nadya Melton Explain How They Built Multiple Six-Figures Using Facebook Groups With the ATM System. Watch the Video Below!
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