Understanding the Network Marketing Industry with Tim Sales & Robert Allen!

Darrin Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine

People often ask: Why is this product not available in a retail store? One of the reasons is that fixed stores often do not have time to explain a product or service. The endorsement & recommendation of a Direct Selling already having great experience with a product/service is highly appreciated. Sharing the experience is a great benefit for Direct Sellers. If has and will build large organizations, which benefits the people involved.
The youngest Top Earner is 18 years old
The oldest Top Earner is 82+ years old
77% of sales are done face-to-face
11% of sales are through the internet
9% of sales are by phone
74% of US adults have purchase products from a direct-seller
5% of the USA population in involved in Direct Selling
70% of direct sellers are women
30% of direct sellers are men
90% of all Direct Sellers operate their businesses part-timeBusiness is Booming!

Business is Booming!

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