Some people call it your “WHY” and others say Vision. When you think about WHY you are doing what you’re doing (in this case we are talking about a business), your WHY becomes a daily reflection when things get tough, and they will. You need to know that everything that you are doing is linked to your WHY. Maybe your WHY is to get completely out of debt, so when you have a tough day and a strong enough WHY, you will not just throw in the towel.
One thing that I highly recommend that you remember is that tomorrow is always a new day. It never fails us. If you’re having a bad day for any reason, go to the personal development page, watch a video and read a few positive affirmations.
People fail because they have not realized their WHY!
It is said by many that a lot of people fail in Network Marketing. I believe that and would like to share my thoughts on why.
Believe it or not...everyone has a WHY! The next time that you are motivated to do something, ask yourself WHY?
"I'm to run in a 5k in two months from now...WHY?"
"I am going off to college this fall...WHY?"
"I'm applying for a job in the airline industry...WHY?"
You get the point. So what is your WHY for starting your own home based business?
To help you answer this sometimes puzzling question and to help you in crafting a vision that will motivate you to achieve your Why...we've got special permission to give you Lynn Allen-Johnson's eBooks entitled “The Power of Vision”. She has agreed to give this as a gift to you.
Lynn wrote this short little book a few years ago to help people create a true VISION so they can live the dreams of financial freedom.

Lynn Allen-Johnson talks about Drawing Your Line in the Sand!

Simon Sinek’s Video Presentation at TED TalkMore information about Simon Sinek can be found here: Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

Zig Ziglar on Goal Setting

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